IMS Membership

Our personalized approach has helped thousands of IMS Members find the partner of their dreams.

We understand that your time is precious, and the quest for genuine connections can be draining, particularly in the contemporary dating scene. IMS boasts a decade long legacy of expertise in foreign professional matchmaking, serving men in their quest for connecting with exotic woman from around the world.

As an IMS Member, you gain access to our exclusive network comprising the globe’s most qualified singles. Supported by your dedicated team of matchmaking specialists, we embark on a personalized journey to comprehensively grasp your individual preferences and relationship aspirations. Enrolling as an IMS Member involves a straightforward  four-step process:

Step One:

To become a member, initiate your application either by using our online submission form or by contacting us via phone. Following your application, we will assess your eligibility and then create a membership plan that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. Subsequently, we will engage in a meaningful conversation with you to learn about your personal journey, your ideal relationship expectations, and commence tailoring our search to identify the most suitable matches for you.

Step Two:

This is where the exciting part begins! You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your dedicated matchmaking team, and collectively, we will go through the matches that have been carefully chosen for you. We will provide assistance with planning dates, scheduling, and equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to make the most out of each introduction. Our support is available to guide you throughout every phase of this journey.

Step Three:

Next, you’ll embark on the journey of meeting the remarkable individuals carefully chosen for you, forging connections with like-minded people who resonate with your values, and rekindling the excitement and passion in your dating life. We will keep in touch to gather your feedback and insights after each introduction, continuously fine-tuning your search, matches, and introductions until we’ve successfully connected you with that special someone.

Final Step:

Our foreign matchmaking agency goes the extra mile to ensure your love story thrives. We specialize in facilitating travel plans for your future partner to visit the United States, making the journey to love seamless and stress-free. From securing visas to coordinating travel itineraries, we’re dedicated to reuniting you with your international love and creating unforgettable moments together, ensuring that love knows no borders.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Making life changing introductions that lead to beautiful relationships is what drives our passion for matchmaking.”

– Michelle Peters, Co-CEO